Top Best Scholarship Scheme In UK

  1. Bristol University International Office Scholarships

    The University of Bristol offers five scholarships per year for future undergraduate international students worth GBP8,500 (US$12,160).

  2. University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships

    Each year, Bristol’s UWE offers a number of scholarships totalling GBP100,000 (US$143,000) for international students. Some of the scholarships may require you to undertake an internship for a while alongside your studies.

  1. Cambridge International Scholarship Scheme
  2. Edinburgh Global Online Distance Learning Scholarships
  3. Oxford’s Clarendon Scholarships
  4. Oxford’s Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship Programme
  5. Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships
  6. University of Bradford Global Development Scholarships
  7. University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  8. UWL (West London) International Ambassador Scholarships
  9. UWE Millennium Development Scholarships
  10. Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  11. Westminster Full Fee Scholarships
  12. Westminster Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships

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